About Imperial Oak

Imperial Oak Brewing is a small (7 bbl) brewery that puts the beer first. Our focus is on imperial strength and barrel aged brews but we offer an ever changing variety of styles to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Imperial Oak Brewing is the vision of two home brewers (Brett Semenske, Grant Hamilton) and the owner of a craft beer bar (Chris DiBraccio) who have a passion for making (and drinking) great beer. Our beers are sold in house only but we do offer beer to go in growlers or crowlers (32 oz cans). We also do monthly bottle releases of various Barrel Aged beers.

Since we are a small brewery we brew a wide variety of styles and do quite a bit of small batch experimentation. We use barrels from local distilleries, barrels that held spirits other than whiskey, woods other than oak, fruits and spices. Every week there are new beers going on tap. Our goal is that every time you come in there is something new to try.

The Imperial Oak tap room is comfortable and inviting, while at the same time, it maintains the feel of a working brewery. You will watch your beer be poured from a custom made tap handle and be able to sit and enjoy our beers at the custom made bar or at custom made tables. The brewery is easily accessible with a seating area in the front separated only by a half wall.

The Savage Oak Room is our adjacent, sour/wild brewing space with additional seating. The Savage Oak Room is available to reserve your parties, you can use the contact page of this website to get your reservation started. We also have a large out door seating area available during the warmer months. In the tap room beers are sold in appropriate glassware for the style and in sample flights. We also have growlers and crowlers available for beer to go. Since our focus is on the beer first, we do not have a kitchen. We do however, have food trucks every Thursday thru Sunday, and we allow our customers to bring in or order food. Check the calendar on the event page for the food truck schedule.

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