Crank It Hop- Experimental Hops Series!

slider-hopsWe are fortunate enough to have gotten our hands on 6 different experimental hops that we are going to use to make 6 different versions of Crank It Hop. These hops are still in the developmental phase and do not yet have names. We only have enough of each to make one batch of Crank It Hop and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to get any of them again so make sure to come out and try them while you can. Here is the tentative tapping schedule and the provided description of each hop.

  • Friday 7/15- HBC 291- floral, citrus, lemon, pepper, dark fruit
  • Friday 7/29- HBC 342- fruity, citrus, pineapple
  • Friday 8/12- HBC 429- sweet, spicy, melon, orange
  • Friday 9/2- HBC 462- fruity, herbal, melon, citrus, lemongrass, green pepper, berry
  • Friday 9/16- HBC 517- fruity, woody, lime, peach, pineapple, eucalyptus
  • Friday 10/21- HBC 682- fruity, herbal, spicy, pineapple, eucalyptus

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