Humongous Bottle Release!

On Saturday 4/28 we will be releasing two Humongous beers. Barrel Aged “Lord Humongous” is our Barleywine aged for 1 year in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels. The base beer brings malty, toffee and dark fruit flavors that blend with vanilla, oak, and tropical fruits from the barrels. We’re also releasing Barrel Aged “Lady Humongous” our Wheatwine aged in American Port barrels. This beer is strong but light on the pallet with a vinous character and notes of honey, citrus, and toasted oak. Bottles and draft of both will be available when we open at 11am along with a toasted Coconut infusion of BA Lord Humongous, and a Coco/Almond infusion of the BA Lady Humongous. In addition to the Barrel Aged goodies we will also have the non barrel aged Lord Humongous on tap and in 4 packs of 12 cans.

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