On Tap 6/19-6/25

Well Summer is in full force here at IOB so the beers are turning over fast. We have 6 beers that are almost gone and 7 new ones tapping this week. Including a beer made with mushrooms from Gibby’s Gourmet Mushrooms. Check back here for the full tap list which is updated daily.

***New Beers This Week***
-Crank It Hop- El Dorado IPA- 6% (Taps Wednesday)
-Bitter Monk- Belgian IPA- 7.5% (Taps Friday)
-Apricot Hop- Apricot IPA- 6% (Taps Friday, 1 keg only)
-Plaid Shroomer- Mushroom Scottish Ale- 5.5% (Taps Friday, 1 keg only)
-Admiral Sundaebeer- It’s A Strawberry/Coco/Almond Dubbel- 7.5% (Taps Saturday, 1 keg only)
-Udderly Maple Pecan- Milk Stout- 5.5% (Taps Saturday, 1 keg only)
-Tropical Hop- Mango Pineapple IPA- 6% (Taps Saturday, 1 keg only)

***Almost Gone***
-Gin BA Imperial Pain!- IIIPA- 12%
-Lady Humongous- Wheat Wine- 10%
-Starkerschizer- Weizenbock- 7%

***Other Beers On Tap***
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA- 7.2%
-Farmer’s Daughter- Saison- 6%
-Kaiser- Kolsch- 5.4%
-Plaid Piper- Scottish Ale- 5.5%
-Admiral Ackbeer- It’s A Trap!-pist Dubbel- 7.5%
-Udderly Black- Milk Stout- 5.5% (Also on Nitro)

***Food Trucks and Events***
-Tuesday- Chicago Trivia Guys– 8pm
-Thursday- Roaming Hog– 5pm
-Friday- Arnold’s Tacos– 5pm
-Saturday- Mike’s Revenge– 5pm
-Sunday- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen– 1pm

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