Savage Oak Wild and Sour Beers

Savage Oak is the brand for our Wild and Sour beer program. These beers are all brewed in our Savage Oak Room, separate from our “clean” brewery and barrel aging space. All of these beers use Brettanomyces (wild yeast), souring bacteria, or a combination of both. None of these beers are kettle soured, we use our own custom blends of Brett and Bacteria to produce beers with a wide range of flavors from fruity and sour to funky. Here are some of the beers we produce in our Savage Oak Program. We also do several fruit variants of these beers where fruit is added to a fermenter after Foeder/barrel aging to allow the simple sugars to ferment. This allows the Brett and Bacteria to continue to develop and prevents the beer from being too sweet.

-Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- Our take on a Berliner Weisse is not kettle soured, it is fermented with a mix of Lactobacillus bacteria and our custom blend of Brettanomyces. No Saccharomyces (regular beer yeast) is used to make this beer. The beer is then aged in an Oak Foeder to allow the flavors to develop and mellow. The result is a more complex version of the style with a smooth sourness and notes of citrus, berries, orchard fruits, tropical fruits, and oak.

-Straw- Foeder Aged Saison- Mix fermented with Belgian Saison yeast and our custom blend of fruit-forward Brettanomyces. Too develop our house culture, we brewed several batches of Straw has using a different blends of Brett. A portion of each was aged in oak barrels and we picked our favorite strains to seed our Straw Foeder. The resulting beer is bone dry with the classic Saison spice but the Foeder Aging with Brett adds complexity and notes of pineapple, stone fruits, pie cherries, citrus, an earthy funk, and slightly tart finish.

-Gold- Lambic Inspired Sour Golden Ale- Inspired by the Lambics of Belgium this beer is brewed with a healthy portion of wheat malt, flaked wheat, and flaked oats, for a bit of body. The beer is aged for over a year in oak barrels with a different blend of wild yeast and bacteria in each barrel. We pick our favorite barrels and blended them together to produce a complex beer with a prominent but smooth sourness and notes of stone fruits, tropical fruits, oak, and a pleasant earthy funk.

-Ruby- Flanders Inspired Sour Red Ale- Our take on the sour red ales of Flanders. Brewed with Munich and Caramunich malts for a toasty, slightly sweet malt character. This beer is aged for over a year in oak barrels with a different blend of fruit forward Brett strains, Lactobacillus and Pedioccocus bacteria in each barrel. The first batch of this beer is expected to be ready Fall/Winter 2018.

-Brother- Imperial Honey Saison with Brett and Pear- Our Brother’s Keeper, Imperial Honey Saison, aged for a year in fresh white wine barrels with our blend of Brettanomyces and Pear juice. Released once a year, usually in August.

-Funk- Dry Hopped Brett Beer. Fermented with 100% Brettanomyces, we use a blend of fruit forward Brett strains and a big late hop/dry hop with Citra, Mosaic, and Equinox hops. The result is a dry and refreshing beer bursting with tropical fruit, citrus and funk.

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